For Sale

Cabinet Factory for Sale in Regents Park

Property Features
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Studio bed

The factory is mainly engaged in the production and installation of cabinets, covering civil residences, commercial offices and stores, and also undertakes large-scale projects of commercial buildings. The warehouse has an exhibition hall area, offices, toilets, and parking spaces. This business includes ready-made customers and inventory, prototypes, equipment, electrical appliances, hardware inventory, shelves and suppliers, etc.

The factory is located near the Regents Park train station. Equipped with a full set of production equipment. There are advanced CNC automatic cutting machines, German advanced Pytha design software, 45 degree and flat plate welting machine, etc., and equipped with complete installation tools. The area is approximately 700 square meters, including office and second-floor exhibition halls.

The factory has a complete management production team, sales chain, design team, and take over easily.

The business can be transferred in whole or in part. The entire business transfer price is $600000. If the buyer needs , the owner can provide assistance in short-term or long-term operation. If part transfer, it will be calculated at a total price of $700,000. For example, to buy 50% equity, the transfer price is $350,000.

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Area:700sqm,including factory,office,exhibition hall.
Leasing:3 years
Rent:$58349.52/year (GST included)
Tunrover:last year $1,400,000
Working hours:Mon-Fri,8am-4pm; could arrange weekend extra hours
Staffs:5 (full-time),3-5(part-time)
Car Parking:4