For Sale

Crows Nest commercial shop for sale

Property Features
  • Retail
  • Total Floor Area: 53 m²

Located on the north coast of Sydney, New South Wales, Crows Nest, the shop area is 53 square meters, the surrounding business is mature, students and office workers gather, the flow of people is large, the shop location is good, with basic decoration.

The coffee shop business is currently in the store, and you can take over and switch to other businesses.
It is suitable for operating beauty salons, all kinds of restaurants, supermarkets, retails, etc. Various choices and strong development!

The takeaway business has great potential for profit and is the best choice for business operations.

The store has unlimited operating hours, has a stable source of customers, and has a strong consumption capacity for surrounding people.

The future is a rare and excellent shop. Can easily get started for the new owner. It is also a prosperous shop with unlimited potential and huge growth space for the investor.