Sailing and Scouting Summer Camp

Tired from the stress of school work? This program is perfect for a holiday retreat, where participants get to appreciate the wonderful beauty of nature through physical activities like sailing and scouting.

Open to those from grade 4 to 9, this is a program that will guarantee a thrilling journey, an exciting time, and an active life-style. Students participating in this program get to learn to sail on their own in a completely safe bay in the southern regions of Sydney, under the supervision of some very qualified and friendly coaches. In addition, the busy sailing schedule will also be combined our scouting program, which aims to provide young people with important life skills and leadership skills, as well as team-building, outdoor adventure, and fun! During the scouting part of the program, students will be treated to Epic bushwalks and camping expeditions – what’s not to love?


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Dentown Group